Web Hosting- Tips to Get Started


Web hosting is a great business idea provided you have a clear idea of how it works and how you can benefit from it. This article is aimed at giving you detailed information about web hosting and what are the important factors to be kept in mind while venturing into this field.

What is Web Hosting?
First of all one has to know what exactly is meant by web hosting. When websites are created, the relevant information has to be stored online. This should be very easily accessible to visitors from around the world. The business of providing space and bandwidth to many website at a time all the while is called web hosting. This is managed by a very powerful and immensely fast computer server which in turn runs on the internet.

What it does is that no matter how many or from where the visitors are trying to access your website, it makes all the information present on your website available. If this is taken as the virtual existence of web hosts, they exist in reality as well at a data center where they would have set up their powerful computers and manage the show with the help of trained staff.

How does it Work?
The companies that are into web hosting will provide specific amount of space and bandwidth to a website for a monthly rental or charges. When this space is acquired, the website is permitted to upload varied information related to their business in the form of files. This information will be saved on the server space and visitors from across the globe can access this information through the internet.

Some people might opt to run their own server but this would prove to be much expensive compared to what the web hosting companies would charge on a monthly basis. The web hosting companies will take care of all the technical as well as hardware and software side of the whole business and in turn websites create business space for such companies.

Different Kinds of Web Hosting:

You will come across many kinds of web hosting in the market. The major ones in practice are dedicated, shared and reseller. These are established to meet specific needs of the customers.

Dedicated: when a big website wants to go in for a safe and economical web hosting, dedicated is their choice. This will save them from spending thousands of dollars on renting huge space on different servers on a monthly basis. They can have a server of their own where no one will be sharing the space and this means your website will work very fast.

Shared: This is a very popular web hosting type. There are many web hosting companies who will provide you specific amount of bandwidth and space for your website at great speed. A powerful server will be shared by many websites and a particular web hosting company will have many such servers being managed at their data center. According to the capacity of the server, the space will be distributed among websites depending on their requirement. If your website is not that large and do not expect more than couple of thousands of visitors on day to day basis then this kind of web hosting is perfect for you. This way you get the speed, space and at a very affordable price as well.

Reseller: Do you wish to start a web hosting business of your own? You can start off with this kind of inexpensive option. In this case you purchase reseller hosting space plans from big hosting companies and divide that web space and sell it to individuals who want to host their website. Server is maintained by the parent hosting company and you just need to sell the hosting space to people.
You pay monthly or yearly fees to reseller hosting company i.e. the parent company and the fees you collect from people is all yours.

Factors to Consider While Buying Web Hosting:

 Now that you got a fair idea of how web hosting works, lets learn more about factors which will help you buy the most suitable and economical service.

  1. Price: the first thing to be considered is how much a web hosting company is charging you for the service they provide. You will find many offers which will really be light on your pocket, but do not be taken away by them unless you check out other criteria. Look for a web host who includes quality service at a reasonable price because if you compromise on space or speed, then your website will be directly hit.
  2. Space: The space provided by the web host to store your files is called as disk space. Depending on the size of your files and information you can go for different plans offered by the hosts. It is always safe to have a bit more space than required as this allows you to freely make alterations to your websites when needed. 
  3. Bandwidth: a good web host will allot you good amount of bandwidth because it determines the quantity of the visitors that are directed towards you. Some web hosts might just trick you by saying they are offering unlimited bandwidth, but in reality they would just be juggling with websites. May of these might end up being illegal. 
  4. Safety and Support: A good web host will back you up with round the clock customer support and safety. They actually provide their services on a trial basis and in case of any dissatisfaction; they would return the money you have invested. 
  5. Control Panel: you get to be in contact with the web host through a standard control panel. For easy access and constant use, the panel has to simple yet efficient. These are some good options for you to choose from. Do try a few before picking the one that suits best. We recommend you to use Cpanel control panel as its easy and comes with loads of features.
  6. The OS: the operating system plays a major role in how your whole web hosting is managed. Linux is a favored OS compared to Windows mainly because of its stability. Before buying space, make sure all the requirements of your website are met by the OS of the host. 
  7. Perks: there are a few things which might not fall into bare essentials but are necessary to run your website successfully. First thing to check is the uptime proposed by the web host. You will never have a round the clock availability simply because of one or the other issues with maintenance.

    Also pay attention to the numbers of email ID and storage space they are willing to provide for your emails. This has to be pretty big whether you need it or not. A good web host will gather all the information regarding visits per day, duration, location, frequency and so on. This information is a great asset to web owners as they can improvise their business based on the results.

    You should also be able to transfer files using FTP without any hassle as this is a part of your deal with the web host. If your website is a more complicated one, you sure would want to check the scripts offered by the host. Also to your access should be the database from where large amount of information can be borrowed for your purpose.

    Do make it a point to go through the terms and conditions of the web hosting company before you finalize on one. Do not miss to check their set up charges, additional charges, hidden charges (if any) and what is the length of the contract. Once you find that things are up to your expectation and you are ready to buy space in web hosting, go ahead and purchase it. You will very soon see the fruits of the all the trouble you took to find a good web host.

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