There are two things essentials to make a website or even a web page successful. First is to build it in such a way that it impresses the viewers at first glance and second is to make it inviting to the search engines. There might be many ways in the market to achieve this success but the most trusted and fool proof platform is WordPress. This statement has to be supported by valuable evidence to make the web masters believe. Following are the characteristics, special features and elements present in WordPress that make it stand above the rest.

Be it an average web user or an expert, every one is aware of WordPress. This is the most popular and most extensively used platform to build pages on. There was a time when it was mainly used for blogs, but now it has spread its wings to become a comprehensive CMS and is widely used to build all types of websites. This Content Management System has got everything you need to transform an average website into a grand success. The best part of WordPress is that it allows the web master to be at ease even when he is not an expert in the field. It also allows you to experiment with various elements without worrying about things going wrong or ending up in a big mess. So what is that WordPress has got that others don’t?

SEO Friendly: when a page or a website is structured on WordPress platform, the search engines seem to spot(index) them much quicker. Once your website gets the recognition, automatically more traffic will be diverted towards you. The engines will develop respect for your site because of its quality design. This means that WordPress can instantly change the fortunes of a website when designed efficiently.

Plugins: The WordPress is structured so systematically that when a website is built on this platform, it will meet most of the requirements of a search engine. But sometimes when a designer wants to try something innovative, the WordPress is ready to cater to his needs as well by providing hundreds of plugins and add on options. This not only creates room for creativity but also helps to venture into new horizons. The plugins are constantly renewed according to the innovations in technology and one can be sure that what ever is new, they can find it on WordPress.
Eg. by installing a free plugin you can turn your WordPress blog into a fully featured e-commerce website.
There are several hundreds of free plugins available which you can use to modify WordPress blog as per your requirements.

Themes: One tour of the internet will make you realize how many themes are available on WordPress. There are designers who would have structured them for free usage or would charge you on standard basis. You can pick any one of these and use them as they are or make desirable alterations to match your design.

Economical CMS: When compared to all the other CMS’s available in the market and knowing how much it would cost to customize them; WordPress is very economical by far. If you were to take any other CMS as platform and build your website on it, you will surely need the help of a developer. Over that you would also be spending a good deal to download all the required elements to make your website special. All this activity becomes almost zero cost when done on WordPress as it gives you so many options of structures to experiment with that you don’t need to look anywhere else.

User Friendly: Most of us know that one needs to have good knowledge of coding if you wish to make any changes in the basic structure of a website. This is not necessary in WordPress though, because it is built in such a simple way that an average computer user can experiment with it. That’s not it; you are presented with one or the other new elements to improvise your website. You are at ease while publishing a post or pictures or even videos. Without having to worry about all the codes involved and changes you would require to make to make on other CMS, you get to manage, improvise and update your website.

Your Own Blog: WordPress comes with a built in blog of your own. This means the moment your website is designed on this platform, you automatically start your blog. Now everyone knows how useful a blog can be to reach out to your customers. Go ahead and write what you want to share with them and in turn attract more traffic towards your page. Another great quality of WordPress is that it is capable of detecting any kind of spam on your blog and restricting it.

RSS Feed: One more quality of WordPress is that it comes with a RSS feed so people can read your blog posts in their favorite RSS reader. What it does is that it helps you to concise and organizes your information in the best possible way to suit both visitors’ expectations and SEO requirements. If you wish to add such a useful element to a normal website, it would cost you a lot.

W3C Standards: It is very important that any and every tool used in web designing has to be built according to W3C standards. The best part of WordPress is that its every tool abides by these guidelines. This means no matter which browser you are using, the tools are always supported.

These are the most striking features of the WordPress which make it unique, user as well as SEO friendly and an extremely useful CMS. These are not the only advantages though, as WordPress is trying everyday to make it more effective. To get used to the ways of WordPress you need to spend time and energy on it but definitely not money. Each experiment that you try with WordPress elements will be a great learning opportunity. So WordPress has to be your obvious choice to build your website on, as there is no other highway to success than this.

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A website is a great way to advertise your business over the internet and you would want to reach more and more people through it. Once you start getting familiarized with the ways websites work, you will come across a term SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Do not be afraid of this term or develop fear of how to make it work. As you read on, you will learn about the term as well as tips and tricks to make your website more successful.

What is SEO?

This is a simple technique adopted to make your website or page or articles more welcoming towards the search engines. Some popular Search Engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing.
You would put data or information that search engines normally look for while ranking a website. Once the data is recognized by the search engines, your ranking will automatically move upwards. If you are wondering what is the use of moving up in raking then you need to really know all the details about SEO. Once a website is ranked higher, it will be displayed in the top pages of the search engines. When visitors start looking for particular information, they will come across your website before others and this way the traffic is directed towards you automatically. This is a natural process and if you are unable to do necessary changes in website to be SEO friendly, then there are many experts who will be happy to lend you a helping hand.

It is a fact that you would require some practice and time to get a grip of this technique. For your assistance there are many articles, eBooks and so on present on the web. Once you start reading through the information, you will become more comfortable with the concept. Let’s take an example to elaborate it. When you are looking for any information, you log into a search site and type relevant words. Then the page will give a list of websites that can be of use to you. Your first instinct will be to click on the links that are right at the top. This is what exactly the SEO technique does to your website by ranking it higher.

The two major parts involved in making your website SEO friendly are On-Page and Off-Page. Let’s understand these terms.

On Page Optimization:

Your website will have a home page which contains lot of information. When you make changes according to the SEO requirement, it is known as on page change. These alterations can be of different type like title tags, Meta, Alt and so on. The whole purpose is to insert the major keywords of your business into the page so that when visitors type these words, they are directed towards you. One has to be very careful in designing this content as it needs to impress the visitors. Only when they are satisfied and visit again and again, your website will gain recognition.

It is important to observe visitors’ activity and if they are bouncing off your website, then analyze the reason and fix it. Their might be some part of the page or graphic or information that is disturbing the visitors and in turn forcing then to move away from your website. If this prolongs, it will prove to be very harmful for your business.

Off Page Optimization:

Apart from making desirable changes in your home page, you can adopt some other techniques that will boost your ranking. Off page activities include creating back links from good external websites, promoting your site in social network sites and so on. These will indirectly promote your website and direct a good amount of traffic towards it. It is not an easy task to do this as you would be paying for it and you have to make the best use of it.

Following are some other important tips that you must utilize for an effective SEO .
Do not try them out in a hurry as they are technical things and need quite a lot of attention. You also need to remember that what decisions you take will either make or break the reputation of your website and in turn your business.

Registering at Google Web Master Tools- Google is where you will find this tool called as web masters. Here your page or website will be checked according to SEO requirements and when and if any mistakes are spotted, Google will notify you. This makes it that much more easy for you to improve your website.

Google Maps- One of the easiest and best things you can do to boost ranking is to get your business listed in Google maps using Google Local Business Center. This way people who are looking for information will know your location. It makes it that much easier for people to reach your website and take a tour of it.

Read More- The web is full of suggestions by experts in this field. You can read and learn more about how SEO works for free. You will come across many forums and discussion portals where you can ask questions to experts and get valuable answers from them. Spend quality time on it as it’s worth it.

Start Writing- Blogs are a great to promote your website. You can start writing about your business, its website, products, specialty and so on to create interest in viewers. The one work of caution would be to keep it to business and not really pose a personal picture. The main purpose of this should be to make your business known to as many people are possible. Do not forget to use your web address with your signature.

There are different marketing strategies and this is one of them. SEO is a very powerful technique when used properly. It is like making your website popular by adding data that is suitable for the search engines. With this simple yet very effective technique you can get your website to really high rankings and boost your visitors’ traffic like you have never imagined.

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